Antigonish Boat Club

A Volunteer Led, Membership Supported, Community Boat Club


We have repurposed the old dock posts so as to create a sturdy and very discrete entrance gate.

But Fear no, we'll send out an update before we close the road during the spring thaw.


Mobile Sailing School

Each year (pandemics aside) the Boat Club hosts Sailing lessons for youths provided by Mobile Sailing School instructors. We are very pleased to report that lessons for the 2022 season were a grand success! For details, please see our Sailing page

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)

For several years the Club has hosted SUP lessons. We are currently investigating opportunities for the 2023 season and we will announce details as they come available.

Canoe and Kayak

Thanks to the acquisition of kayaking equipment, the club is pleased to be offering Kayak lessons and outings.

For details, please see our

Paddling page


How to Tack

A super useful skill!

Dinghy Cruising with Roger Barnes

Roger is one of the foremost authorities on dinghy cruising. His videos are a perfect escape from the business of life

Roger's Dinghy Explained

Note, Homely, in England, has a different meaning (and makes a great deal more sense)