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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the club open to non-members? 

A: We welcome the general public to respectfully visit our club grounds and see what we have to offer.  The club is financed largely by membership fees, so if you are going to be a regular visitor or if you plan to use the dock or launch ramp, we ask that you please join the club.

Q: Can I rent boats (canoes, kayaks etc..)

A: At present, we do not have staff or insurance to run rentals.

Q: Are moorings available? 

A: Moorings may be laid at your own risk, with permission of the club.  Please contact the club for more information

Q: Can non-members use the club property? 

A: Non-members taking part in a club-sanctioned activity are welcome. If you are a member of the general public wishing to use the property beyond occasional sightseeing, we ask that you join. We are not insured for use by the general public, and our operations are funded completely by members.

Q: What does the club offer members? 

A: The club offers access to the harbour, including use of the launch ramp and dock, occasional social events, and discounts on club events, including sailing and kayaking lessons. Above all, we offer a community of like-minded individuals who enjoy spending time on the water.

Q: Can I bring a guest? 

A: Yes.  Please do.  If they wish to come regularly, we’d love to call them a member in their own right.

Q: Is the club pet-friendly?

A: Yes. However, we ask that all pet owners be mindful that your comfort with your own pet off-leash may not extend to other members. In particular, there are additional safety concerns around docks and boats when animals are present off-leash. You must be in control of your dog at all times.

Q: Is the club accessible for persons with limited mobility?

A: Everyone is different, so it’s easiest just to explain; our driveway is gravel, and our outdoor toilet and clubhouse both have a single step for entry. Our docks are accessible from a ramp, however, there are trip hazards where dock segments join, and there is no railing.

Q: Can I store my boat/trailer at the club (summer, winter etc..)

A: This depends on the circumstance.  For members of the club, there is space on the beach for small sailboats and canoes/kayaks, but all boats and equipment are left at the owners’ risk.

Q: Why does the club close the road in late winter?

A: During the spring melt, the gravel road and ramp become so soft that even regular car traffic will cause settling, which leads to potholes and, by the end of the season, costly repairs.  In years when we failed to close the road, we spent many thousands of dollars for repairs. We appreciate your understanding since we also wish we could visit the club by vehicle during these times. Please be advised that access on foot is still possible when the road is closed.

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