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Harbour Markers

posted Sep 30, 2013, 9:02 AM by Sean Day
Hello All,
please be advised that the channel entrance to the Antigonish Harbour (outside the throat in the ocean) has changed significantly since the beginning of the year when DFO had marked it.  The sand bar that runs along the north side of the red marker bouys has transitioned into the entrance channel.  I ran aground yesterday at the 1st set of green / red channel bouys (easterly set), and was directly between them.  The tide was coming up from low tide.  My advise is until DFO changes them, that you stay close to the green bouys if you are drawing more than 1-2 ft.  In any event proceed with caution upon entrance / exit.
In addition some marker bouys in the harbour itself have been washed away (presumably from the strong winds/surf 2 weeks ago).  The most important one being a red bouy that marked the corner of the channel adjacent to Beaton's wharf & yellow float plane.  Proceed with caution if you do not know the harbour channel well.
Best Regards,